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InfoSer UK

Optimising the web for you!

Do you want to drive custom to your business through the web?
We can design, host and optimise your web presence.
Want to use the web to power your business?
We offer a range of hosted applications for business efficiency.

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Interim development and project managers for real estate and construction throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa »

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services which can be designed to meet your needs including:

  • web site hosting including domain registration;
  • web site design and search engine optimisation (SEO);
  • hosting of cloud applications including content management systems (CMS), wikis, project management and collaboration software, and document management; and,
  • development and coding of proprietory cloud applications.

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Featured Application

WordPress CMS

Our hosted WordPress application is an ideal Content Management System giving you control over your web presence. Learn more »

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